IN THE MEDIA: Aga Khan High School hosts 4th Model UN

08 November 2018

The Aga Khan High School has hosted the 4th Model United Nations Debate aimed at grooming students to be excellent researchers, public speakers and debaters as well as inculcating them with strong leadership and writing skills.

The annual Model United Nations (MUN) event, held at the Aga Khan High School’s International section in Kampala, Uganda attracted more than 20 speakers from Gayaza, Muyenga, and Baptist high schools. 

The students discussed a number of topics including politics, security ecology, human rights, and health and economic issues.

Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah, urged students to always find peaceful means of resolving conflict and live in harmony with one another. “We want young people to be agents of peace, to advance the frontline for those who believe that the world should be peaceful. To have this in place, you need a moral foundation to be able to work on key issues regarding peace,” said Mr. Oulanyah. 

Furthermore, Mr. Oulanyah advocated the young learners to use their youthful energy properly, to be creative and participate in community programmes that leave a positive change. “Participation is key and should be positive to cause positive change for the betterment of the people’s lives,” Mr. Oulanyah added.

MUN is an educational simulation and academic competition in which learners are taught about diplomacy, international relations, and the operations of the UN. Mr. Michael Musaazi, the head teacher of Aga Khan High School, said the MUN event, which is global in nature, gives the students an opportunity to mimic the UN in terms of experimenting the model of debate and ways of resolving complex issues.

“This debate helps students to find solutions, particularly on current issues that are trending globally. As such, resolutions are passed by delegates from several countries and that’s why the delegates are represented by countries,” said Mr. Musaazi. Inherently, the MUN debate builds the student’s confidence while helping them learn new skills from their peers. 

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