Aga Khan High School, Kampala student achieves highest mark in the world for mathematics

15 March 2024

Param Shashang Desai, a Diploma Programme student at the Aga Khan High School (AKHS), Kampala, received a prestigious “Top in the World” award in mathematics as a part of the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards, making him one of the highest-scoring students in the subject globally.

The Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards, determined by Cambridge Assessment International Education, recognise and celebrate exceptional learners from Grades 11 and 12 who excelled in their Cambridge exams, both nationally and around the world. Some awards include “Top in Country”, “Best Across” and “High Achievement” alongside “Top in the World”.    

Param, currently studying in the International Baccalaureate programme at the school, expressed his passion for mathematics and his hopes for the rest of his educational journey.    

"Interest in the topic and active learning helped me attain this achievement,” he said. “I strive to pursue engineering at a well-known university in the future."   

Rajesh Sesettii, Param’s mathematics teacher and the head of mathematics and IT at AKHS, Kampala, highlighted Param’s enthusiasm in the subject and praised his will to succeed in his exams.   

“It is impossible without his dedication, passion and commitment towards mathematics,” Mr Rajesh said. “Param has always enjoyed mathematics and could express his ideas precisely and concisely. He has uncovered the mysterious powers of his knowledge and wisdom with the help of mathematics.”  

Param’s achievement adds to the list of recognitions and awards received by the Aga Khan High School, Kampala and its community. The school takes pride in its exceptional staff and students who have so far been recognised by the University of Chicago for outstanding teaching and globally for their marks in the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint exams.  

  • Award recipient, Param Shashang Desai.