DJHS, Mumbai does it again

07 June 2019

For the 6th time in a row, Diamond Jubilee High School (ICSE), Mumbai (DJHSM) has achieved 100% in the ICSE results.

The efforts put in by the students and teachers throughout the year have paid off as all students appearing for the ICSE examination scored first class and above. Of these, 95% of students have scored a distinction and above.
“Being a part of DJHS has been a learning process for both me and my child. The infrastructure and facilities make learning an interesting experience for children. Teachers at DJHSM have motivated the children to believe in themselves,” said Anjali Thakur, the proud mother of Aditya Narayandas Rajput who achieved 96% in the ICSE examinations. 

The parents of another student, Ishan Mardani, said “Ishan`s hard work and dedication, combined with the consistent support from the school and teachers has been wonderful. The teachers at DJHS were always available, whenever Ishan needed them due to which he never need any tuitions. We as his parents are very happy and proud.”

The teachers at DJSHM are proud of all the students` achievements and wish them a bright future ahead.  “I always knew this batch was special,” said the Principal, Ms Nutan.