Health at Aga Khan Lycée, Khorog

17 April 2020

The world has changed. In most countries the COVID-19 pandemic has forced education systems to transition to online learning. Tajikistan is different.

Health at Aga Khan Lycée, Khorog Health at Aga Khan Lycée, Khorog
A country with no recorded virus positive cases, the system works as usual and schools continue to operate but with hyper vigilant attention to good health and hygiene.

“Today, while the whole world is struggling to stop or prevent the spread of novel COVID’19, we in Tajikistan start in a better position but must engage school teachers and staff, ECD caregivers, administration, parents and community members, as well as students themselves, in safe and healthy practices. Having clear information about prevention of COVID-19 will reduce the fears of Aga Khan Lycee students around the disease and strengthen their ability to cope with the situation.” said the Principal of Aga Khan Lycee (AKL), Davlat Khudonazarov. 

The AKL administration team have taken a proactive and constructive approach to the care of students and the safe operation of the school. Regular hand sanitization using soap and warm water by students and staff is now commonplace, as is disinfecting the school premises daily. These measures allow students to continue their study in the safest environment possible.
Every day classes start with a “5 minute reminder” for students on essential hygiene and behavioral measures to prevent COVID-19 spread, based on proven and globally verified information.
The shortage of essential hygiene and sanitation items and the challenge of high cost single use masks pushed the AKL and ECD teachers and staff to volunteer to sew multiple use masks made of 6 layered gauze. Many staff volunteer their time after classes to support the admin team keep the school secured and safe while taking practical action to care for others.

Should the situation in Tajikistan worsen, the Aga Khan Lycee is ready for the transition to distance learning. Teachers and students are engaged in training to improve their online teaching and learning skills and are becoming familiar with the Google Classroom platform.

“As long as the situation remains stable the Aga Khan Lycee will continue to put in every effort to continue a safe face-to-face operation alongside other schools in Tajikistan. We believe that what we teach students at school will encourage them to become promoters of good hygiene behaviours at home and in their community, talking and sharing with others the essential preventative measures on the virus spread” added Davlat Khudonazarov.