Pancakes for patients

25 June 2020

“I have grown up in a family with a strong spirit of volunteerism which I have “inherited” from my parents."

Pancakes for patients

School closures, working remotely, physical distancing – these are only part of the lifestyle changes caused by the coronavirus pandemic.  Children and particularly teens, like adults, are impacted by these restrictions and have a part to play in combatting the virus and supporting neighbours and family during these tough times.

“I have grown up in a family with a strong spirit of volunteerism which I have “inherited” from my parents.  In light of the increasing number of infected people, the fact that COVID-19 is putting hospitals in a challenging situation and when I realised that many families become desperate especially when a member gets infected, I thought my personal small contribution could give big hope and cheer to those taking COVID-19 treatment. Therefore, I decided to cook 300 pancakes, fill them with cherry jam, sweet and sour yogurt and donate them to the patients and healthcare workers of Navobod village hospital in Shugnan district of GBAO (Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast of Tajikistan),” explained Gulchehra Shamirova, a 7th grade student at Aga Khan Lycee in Khorog.

The pancake delivery was met with a smile and a big thank you from all specially when they learned this donation was made by a 14 year old girl.

“The hospital healthcare workers were deeply touched by her generosity,” said one hospital nurse.  “We are provided with a regular food and hygiene protective material donation from the community, but this is special.  It brings home that children, alongside the adults, are so much part of this battle against COVID’19”.

Photos (top to bottom):
Gulchehra enjoying of cooking for donation to hospital
Pancakes are packed and ready to go to the hospital