A Unique Virtual Sports Day at The Aga Khan Nursery School, Mombasa

12 November 2020

Every year the Aga Khan Nursery School, Mombasa has a sports day with fun-filled activities for children, teachers and parents, and the COVID-19 pandemic was not going to stop this colorful event from happening.

A Unique Virtual Sports Day at The Aga Khan Nursery School, Mombasa A Unique Virtual Sports Day at The Aga Khan Nursery School, Mombasa
On Friday 2nd October we held our first ever Virtual Sports Day, organised by Mrs. Margaret, our school Coach, together with the other teachers.

The teachers planned a variety of sports activities that could be done by children at home, mainly using recycled materials like old socks (that were used as balls), plastic water bottles, bottle tops and cereal boxes (that were used as tiles). At first it was quite a challenge to plan the activities considering the age group of our children - 18 months to six years. However, as we continued and shared the activities with parents to practice with their children, it became more and more exciting. 

When the Virtual Sports Day arrived it was sunny and bright. Children’s homes were changed into sports fields. Chairs and tables were moved from living rooms to create space for games. Banners were put up in houses to create a fun atmosphere. All the children and parents in their team colours sat ready for the sporting action to take place!  

The day started with the teachers doing a cheer dance for the children to enjoy. Coach Margaret put all the teams through their paces as they ran, jumped, aimed, threw, balanced and cheered each other on during a morning of fun physical activities from their own homes. Children took part in various activities such as filling a bucket with water from a small cup, making a pyramid using cups, bouncing a ball as many times as possible and having a balloon race.

Coach Margaret said, “It was fantastic to see children get involved and take on the challenges to score points for their classes and there was an excellent turn out across all year groups. It was also great to see so many family members participate in the events”. 

Photos (top to bottom):

- 4 year old Dawood ready for a bowling game
- 5 year old Arshil enjoying playing a game with a mat and bottles
- 5 year old Fatema playing throw and catch with her Grandpa