Aga Khan Primary School, Kisumu pioneers Junior Secondary School

24 January 2023

The Aga Khan Primary School, Kisumu (AKPS, Kisumu) is prepared to receive the first cohort of students as part of its Junior Secondary School (JSS), Grades 7-9, on 31 January.

As part of a new directive from the Ministry of Education of Kenya, students will transition from upper primary to JSS. These students will be taught the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC), which is under the 2-6-3-3 system of education in Kenya that was recently introduced. CBC is more student-focused and leans toward the student's capacity for independent learning and the acquisition of necessary skills. This curriculum will put into practice the growth of critical soft skills including teamwork and communication, critical thinking and problem-solving, creativity and imagination, citizenship, learning to learn, self-efficacy, and digital literacy. 

At the end of the learning process, students are engaged in a variety of investigative, explorative and experimental activities. When applying for jobs and business possibilities after graduation, these soft skills acquired at an early age will give students a significant competitive advantage. 

With its spacious classrooms, well-equipped science laboratory, spaces to carry out creative arts activities and overall quality facilities, the AKPS, Kisumu school leadership and management are delighted to take up this new curriculum and support the students. In preparation for this shift, AKPS, Kisumu teachers are continuously engaging in professional development on CBC teaching modules and the Competency Based Assessment (CBA).  

“We are glad to welcome our students to this new learning experience at the Aga Khan Primary School, Kisumu,” said Head Teacher Kerry Ouma.  

  • Students working together on an assignment