The Diamond Jubilee High School, Hyderabad



Our Early Childhood Development Programme (ECD) provides a safe and nurturing learning environment for young learners, while enriching the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of your child.

It comprises of Nursery, Junior K.G and Senior K.G. and is based on the principle that the early years are the most critical for a child’s growth and development. Neuroscientific research suggests that 90% of brain development occurs during the first five years of a child’s life. Additionally, young children learn best in the context of appropriate sensory inputs as well as stable and supportive relationships and interactions. The early years also build the foundations for thinking, language, vision and behavioural attitudes.

Our Learning Environment

A happy, safe and engaging learning space has been designed to provide an enriching environment for young learners:

  • Indoor and outdoor spaces promote active learning
  • Materials are logical and tactile to build autonomy and initiative in children
  • Furniture is ergonomic and safe
  • Classroom spaces are aesthetic, uncluttered and organized

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is based on contemporary research and principles of early childhood development. It is developmentally appropriate, integrated, play-led and ensures stimulating experiences across different domains to address the needs of the whole child.

The school is affiliated to the Telangana State Board, offering Secondary School Certificate (SSC) programme to students from Classes I to X. Lessons at all levels are facilitated through an integrated curriculum and supplemented by a variety of co-curricular activities, field trips and class projects.


Our child-centred, experiential learning approach in the early years continues as a strand through the Primary years. The natural curiosity and creativity of a child is nurtured, allowing children to investigate their environment create meaning for themselves. At the primary level, teachers plan and design Curriculum Webs to ensure that every topic in the curriculum is related to other topics.


At the secondary level, the Telangana state-prescribed curriculum is taught using innovative methods and activities. Lessons at all levels are facilitated through an integrated curriculum, supplemented by a variety of extra-curricular activities, field trips and class projects. Students also participate in number of inter-school activities such as elocution competitions, debates, science exhibitions, creative writing and the arts.

Children learn most effectively through collective reflections shared with peers and facilitators and through group discussions.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Children are offered lessons in dance, music, yoga and karate. Other activities include field trips, theme-based events, inter-house competitions, dramatics and "design for change" assignments.

Student Clubs

Indoor and Outdoor Sports


English Literature

Hindi Literature




Indoor and Outdoor Sports

Subject clubs like Math & Social Science

Telugu Literature Club

English Literature club

Hindi Literature club
Interact Club

Cooking / Stitching Club




To make them physically fit and to develop team spirit and sportsmanship, students are encouraged to participate in all sports events conducted by the school.

Celebration of all Festivals

To create a sense of unity in diversity, festivals of all faiths are celebrated. The intention is to make students aware of many traditions and cultures prevailing across India.

School Picnics

Picnics to theme parks, resorts and water parks are organized for the students annually.

School Cabinet

To develop leadership qualities and provide opportunities to students to undertake and shoulder responsibilities, a school cabinet is formed every year. To replicate the political process in India, democratic elections are held. Students are given a chance to file nominations to contest the elections for the post of their choice as per the eligibility set. The nominated students campaign by addressing the School at large. Students of grade 1 to 10 vote through a secret ballot system. The results are declared within a few days of being cast and are followed by the Investiture Ceremony.

The Council members are the representatives of the Four Houses:

  • Mother Teresa House - BLUE
  • Mahatma Gandhi House - YELLOW
  • CV Raman House - RED
  • Rabindranath Tagore House - GREEN

Newspaper in Education

As an active member of Times of India - Newspaper In Education (NIE) programme, the Diamond Jubilee High School in Hyderabad is afforded a platform to showcase its talent through newspaper articles, book reviews, paintings and stories. All achievements are periodically reported and published.