The Aga Khan School, Mundra


The co-educational school follows the Gujarat State Curriculum from Grade 1 to Grade 11. Lessons at all levels are facilitated through an integrated curriculum, which is supplemented by a variety of extra-curricular activities, field trips and class projects.

The teachers plan and design "Curriculum Webs" to ensure every topic in the curriculum is taught in its entirety and is co-related.

Subjects for Class I – V

  • English
  • Gujarati
  • Hindi
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Studies
  • Work Experience / Cultural Activities
  • Art and Craft
  • Environmental Science
  • Social Science
  • Physical Education
  • Dance and music


At the secondary level, innovative methods and activities are developed to teach the Gujarat State prescribed curriculum. Lessons at all levels are facilitated through an integrated curriculum, supplemented by a variety of extra-curricular activities, field trips and class projects.

Subjects for Class VI - VIII

  • Hindi
  • Gujarati
  • Sanskrit
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Science (History, Civics, Economics and Geography)
  • Computer
  • Cultural Activities
  • Art and Craft
  • Physical Education

Subjects in SSC-Class IX - X

  • First Language - English
  • Second Language – Gujarati / Hindi / Sanskrit
  • Social Science (History and Political Science, Geography and Economics)
  • Mathematics
  • Science and Technology
  • Art
  • Computer
  • Physical Education
  • Personality Development

Extra-Curricular Activities

Sports Day

To make the students physically fit and develop a spirit of sportsmanship, students are encouraged to participate in all the sports events conducted at various levels. A Sports Day is held annually.

Inter-school competitions

At the Aga Khan School, we have gone beyond the classroom to promote languages, public speaking and art. An Interschool Poem Recitation Competition was conducted for grades 5 to 10. A total of forty students participated from seven schools, making it a grand success.

Subject Weeks

To encourage experiential learning process, subject weeks like Maths Weeks, Science Week, Computer Week and so on are celebrated. This helps the children learn through their experience of being a part of such activities.

Celebrations of Festivals

To create a sense of unity in diversity, the School celebrates festivals of all faiths and promotes pluralism in the classroom.

School Picnics

Picnics to theme parks, resorts and water parks are organised for the students annually.

Field Trips and Excursions

Regular visits are arranged for all grades to places of educational value in and around the city. Educational tours for higher grades are conducted at landmarks throughout the country.

Staff Details

Teacher name

Purvi Kothari
Sumanth Bhai Mehta
M.A.B.Ed / NTT

Salma Barkatbhai Vadsariya
Barkatbhai Vadsariya

Samim Awadia
Awadia mahendiali

Shifa Khoja
Jasani Amirali Khasamali

Jhanvi Joshi
Nimesh Joshi

Mamta Subhash Murjani
Subhash Murjani

Sushree Rekha Dandapat
Mr. Dandapat

Binita Kumari N.K.LAL
Narayan Lal
B.Sc;B.Ed / TGT

Ambar Patel
Vazir jasani
B.A;B.Ed / PRT

Poonam Sharma
Anilkumar Sharma
M.A;B.Ed / PRT

Sunita Yadav
Sandip yadav
B.A ;B.Ed / PRT

Jyotsna Gohel
Paresh Gohel
B.Com;B.Ed / PRT

Yasmin Meghani
Kabir meghani
M.Sc (IT),B.Ed / PRT

Salman Kureshi
Rafik Kureshi
B,Sc, B.Ed / PRT

Anisha Patel
Sadrubhai Patel
B.Sc;B.Ed(per) / PRT

Bhakti Mukesh Laljani
Mukesh Laljani
B.Sc Bed / PRT

Renu Giri
Shivnath Giri
B.A.B.Ed / PRT

Sheetal Sanjay Chandane
Sanjay Chandane
B.Com,B.ed / PRT

Tahera Sarfaraz Somani
Sarfaraz Somani
M.A. B.ed / PRT

Chanchal dubey
Rakesh Kumar Dubey

Shraddha Joshi
Piyush Joshi
M.A.B.Ed / PRT

Tanu Karmarkar
Santosh Karmakar
B.A,B.ed / TGT

Leena Kaushalkumar Barot
Kaushalkumar Barot
B.A,B.Ed / PRT

Dhatri Mukesh Gajjar
Shatrughna Gujjar
M.A.B.Ed / TGT

Nandini Maurya
Krishan Kumar Maurya
M.Sc B.Ed / TGT

Kamil Hudda
Kamaludin Hudda
M.A;B.Ed / TGT

Sachin Soni
Gulabray Soni
B.Sc;B.Ed / TGT

Karim Boruwala
Babudin Boruwala
M.A;B.Ed / TGT

Renu Upadhayay
Sharad Upadhayay
M.A.B.Ed / TGT

Mayur Soni
B.Sc, B.Ed / TGT

Ujjavala Bhavsar
Maheshji Bhavsar
M.Sc; B.Ed / TGT

Abbasaheb Shelar
Ramesh Shelar
M.A,B.Ed / TGT

Prashant Jagdish Vedant
Jagdish Vedant

Dave Jigar Dinesh Bhai
Dave Dinesh Bhai Sadaji
M.Phil,M.A,B.Ed / TGT

Krishan Yadav
Jashwanth Sinh
M.A, B.Ed / TGT

M.Sc,B.Ed / TGT

Sheepali Sinha
Kailashchandra Sinha
BA prabakar / Music Teacher

Ashok Solanki
Rajabhai Solanki

Nikitha Gujarati
Vipin Mugailal Shah
M.Sc / Lab Assistant

Ashvin Chauhan
Byachnadbhai Chauhan

Naresh Bhadarka
Devanandbhai K bhadarka
M.LISC / Librarian

Souma Sinha Roy
Sudipan Gosh
M.Sc,(Psy),M.Phil / Counsellor

Giridhar Reddy
Surendar Reddy
M.Sc,M.Ed / Principal

Thomsun Michael
M.A, B.Ed / Vice Principal