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27 July 2020
Remote learning for ICT Students in Afghanistan
Building digital skills remotely through the International Computer Driving License (ICDL) Foundation programme has enabled Aga Khan Education Service Afghanistan to provide a technology enhanced solution to over 400 students Information and Communication Technology (ICT) students who would otherwise have had to suspend their learning in the face of the lockdown caused by the pandemic.
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14 May 2020
Remote learning Afghan style
The Aga Khan Education Service, Afghanistan plays a key role in supporting and supplementing government education
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22 March 2020
Paving the Way to a Brighter Future: The First Female IELTS Teacher at AKES Afghanistan
Referred to as the language of opportunities, English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.
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03 March 2020
Opening the Way for Students to go to University
Celebrating the Successful Completion of the First IELTS Preparation Course
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19 February 2020
Education is a Power for Improving the Quality of Life
Nasrullah’s story: reflections of a father how education can improve quality of life.
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13 February 2020
World Read Aloud Day finds its way to Afghanistan
Students and teachers at Aga Khan Education Services Afghanistan (AKES,A) joined millions of people around the globe to remember World Read Aloud Day.
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15 January 2019
Impact of Information Technology in Afghanistan
AKES is a pioneer in offering the renowned International Computer Driving License (ICDL) certification in Afghanistan.
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18 December 2018
The Importance of Reading for Children
The Aga Khan Education Services, Afghanistan's innovative ECD programme has proven to be extremely successful in helping children learn how to read.
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30 May 2017
Educational Advancement of Caregivers in Remote Afghanistan through the Mother Literacy Programme
Caregivers in remote areas of Afghanistan have benefited from access to basic literacy skills through the Mother Literacy Programme (MLP) of the Aga Khan Education Service, Afghanistan (AKES,A).
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27 December 2016
Early Childhood Education improve transition to Primary School in Afghanistan
Before 2009, there were few early childhood programmes in Afghanistan. Today, thanks to the Aga Khan Education Services in Afghanistan (AKES,A), over 3,000 children, mainly from remote areas, are enrolled in more than 70 early childhood development (ECD) programmes across the country.
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