The Little Star High School, Adilabad


The curriculum across the Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary Sections is interconnected and designed to ensure the holistic development of students. This integrated curriculum is supplemented by numerous activities, field trips and class projects.

Little Star High School, Adilabad (LSHSA) follows a learner-centred pedagogy using Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences. This integrated learning approach caters to every child's learning style and strengths. Our teachers also use Bloom's Taxonomy to help students develop deep thinking skills. LSHSA is also affiliated with the Telangana State Board, offering the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) programme to students from Nursery to Grade 10.

The school aligns with the seven Aga Khan Education Services Global Quality Standards for Schools, which are School Leadership, Teaching, Curriculum, School Ethos and Values, Family and Community Engagement, Human Resources and Operation and Infrastructure.

The Teaching and Learning Approach


Research shows that high-quality experiences in the early years are linked to positive outcomes associated with health, social and economic wellbeing as adults and that 90% of brain development occurs during the first six years of a child's life. LSHSA's Pre-Primary programme provides ongoing training and support to teachers to facilitate the provision of safe, stimulating and nurturing early learning environments for young children.

LSHSA's Pre-Primary curriculum promotes holistic learning through a progressive, well-researched methodology of Shishu Pahel Padhati (SPP). SPP is a child-centred pedagogy and means ‘child first'. It encourages children to plan and construct their own learning, thus retaining their natural self-confidence and developing knowledge, skills, values and attitudes for their current and future needs. SPP focuses on experiential learning through hands-on activities that include opportunities to explore, experience, practise, reflect and share learnings. Our teachers plan and implement an engaging curriculum based on this theory to meet meaningful goals, while also being mindful of differentiation and diversity. The Pre-Primary Section follows a teacher-student ratio of 1:15.


LSHSA's Primary Section provides a high-quality curriculum that embraces intellectual, social, physical, artistic and emotional learning, underpinned by moral values and at an affordable fee. The natural curiosity and creativity of a child is nurtured through application-based learning methods. The syllabus is planned to facilitate learning where each child is given the best learning experience. Our teachers plan and design Curriculum Webs to ensure that every topic in the curriculum is integrated with other subjects.

Syllabus for Grades 1 to 5:

  • Language: English, Telugu, Hindi
  • Mathematics
  • Environmental Science (EVS)
  • Computer Science
  • Co-curricular: Arts and Crafts, Physical Education, Value Education, Music, Library (amongst others)

Middle School

LSHSA's Middle School programme provides students with an opportunity to learn more about themselves and discover their talents and abilities.

Syllabus for Grades 6 to 8:

  • Languages: English, Telugu and Hindi
  • Social Studies: History and Geography
  • Science: Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science
  • Co-curricular: Arts and Crafts, Physical Education, Music, Library, Sports and Games (amongst others)


At the Secondary level, the Telangana state curriculum is taught using innovative methods and activities. Lessons are supplemented with a variety of class projects, practical and group assignments. Students also participate in a number of interschool activities such as elocution competitions, debates, science exhibitions, creative writing and the arts. Our students learn through collective reflections shared with peers and facilitators and group discussions.

The SSC is offered for Grades 9 and 10. Students are offered a variety of subjects catering to their interests.

Group 1

Social Studies
Computer Science
Health and Physical Education
Value Education

Group 2
(Optional - One category to be selected)

First Language: Hindi
Second Language: Telugu

First Language: Telugu
Second Language: Hindi

Co-Curricular Activities

LSHSA has many initiatives to support quality academic, experiential and peer-to-peer learning. Some examples are given below.

Field Trips and Excursions
Regular field trips are arranged to places of educational interest and are an effective way of reinforcing learnings of history, culture, geography, art and science. Students look forward to these field trips and visit locations such as agricultural landscapes, small scale factories, community development centres, coal mines and prominent places in India.

Mock Assembly and Mock United Nations
Students are provided with a glimpse into the current affairs and political relations between countries and insight into policy making. Students are divided into groups and have debates and discussions about policies being implemented in our nation. This not only helps them to broaden their knowledge about our nation, but also helps them to learn skills such as negotiation and conflict resolution.

Awareness Programs (Bank, Legal and Traffic Safety)
LSHSA conducts programs, delivered by professionals, to empower students with knowledge of key areas of daily life such as the banking system, the legal system and road traffic safety.

This is a programme backed by Telangana Government focusing on the plantation of trees. Between 2019 and 2020, our students planted 200 trees in the heart of city, earning praise from the District Forest Officer and District Educational Officer.

Educational Fairs (Science, Mathematics and Languages)
Educational fairs allow our students to apply their practical knowledge about the subjects they learn in the classroom. They gain a hands-on experience working on live projects. Students prepare exhibits and present them to other students and staff. Our fairs are open to all and are attended by officials from the Government Education Department, parents and students of neighbouring schools.

Olympiad Examinations (Chekumukhi and ASSET)
In an effort to keep up to date with the changes in the educational field and to challenge students, LSHSA participates in national and state level Olympiads and science exhibitions organised by the state central government. Our students are also encouraged to participate in national and state level knowledge tests, including student diagnostic assessments and Chekumuki (a state level science exhibition).

Sports and Games
The Physical Education (PE) department provides opportunities for students to practice sports and participate in competitions. Our students have regular games and PE periods where they practice yoga and other exercises. Students also learn about the rules of various sports. Sports offered include throwball, football, volleyball, kho-kho, kabaddi, table tennis and badminton. Students also work on their cognitive skills through playing carom and chess. Our students participate in many interschool competitions for sports, and each year our students are selected as national players, making LSHSA and their families proud.

Music and Dance
Students are guided through a holistic music and dance curriculum to develop their emotional skills, increase learning power, boost morale and increase focus.

Arts and Crafts
Our students learn different art techniques, including pencil drawing, oil painting, card making and origami, to stimulate their creativity.

LSHSA seeks to boost our students' knowledge by learning about and celebrating special days, thus fostering a sense of cultural pluralism, communal harmony and oneness.

School in the Park
Our students look forward to a day of school activities in the local park where they learn about different flora and fauna, understand how nature grows, discover the importance of conserving natural resources and take part in physical activities.

School Sleepover
Exclusively for Grade 4 students, LSHSA's school sleepover is a night filled with fun activities including team building games, music and dance, as well as a campfire and story session. The event encourages our students to build independence and enhance their relationships with fellow students.

Learning Environment

LSHSA's qualified and experienced multi-lingual staff nurture and care for students. Our school has spacious classrooms with comfortable furniture, abundant natural light, outdoor play areas and a well-stocked library. A happy, safe and engaging learning space has been designed to provide an enriching environment for all learners and has:

  • Indoor and outdoor spaces that promote active and experiential learning.
  • Teaching and learning materials that are child friendly and tactile to foster curiosity, autonomy and ingenuity in children.
  • Classroom furniture and accessories that are ergonomic, safe and made with natural materials.
  • Classroom spaces that are aesthetic, organized and systematized to promote peer-to-peer and engaged learning.

For pre-primary students LSHSA has the following:

  • Classrooms and corridors that are divided into eight learning areas, including a reading corner, science corner, home corner and art corner.
  • Outdoor space to encourage outdoor play to develop gross motor skills.
  • A lush green area filled with trees provides a safe, shaded space which is utilized for storytelling, group time and vegetation activities.