The Little Star High School, Adilabad

About Us

The Little Star High School, Adilabad started as a hostel in 1975 with only 20 boys from remote areas of the Adilabad district. Recognising the need of parents to provide quality education to children, the Prince Education Committee established the School in Adilabad in 1978.

The Little Star High School is one of the leading schools in Adilabad. This popular school is highly acclaimed for its excellent teachers, progressive curriculum, extra-curricular programmes and experiential learning.

With a modest beginning in 1975 as a hostel, the School was home to 20 boys from remote areas of the Adilabad district. In 1978, the Prince Education Committee established the English-medium school with the primary section and enrolled over 110 students. It was later expanded to a secondary school in 1985. In 2002, the Aga Khan Education Service, India, brought the School under its network, enhancing its educational methodology. Today the School serves over 1200 students from diverse cultural and social backgrounds, enrolled from pre-primary to high-school.

At the school, we believe in nurturing the talent and curiosity in our students, and hence follow an education technique of child-initiated learning that was developed by AKES. In senior classes, we use the prescribed syllabus of the Telangana State Board coupled with innovative methods of teaching to make the learning process more engaging.

In order to foster the holistic development of our students, we offer a healthy combination of academic and extra-curricular activities. We also focus on the professional development of our teachers and keep them up to date with latest educational resources and new technologies.

Each day, we endeavour to promote the overall growth of our students so that they can become contributing leaders in our communities.

Our Parents

As children's first educators, parents are important partners in the positive learning outcomes for their children.

The active participation of parents in the support provided to their children in collaboration with school educators will ensure self-actualization for our students.

The School also seeks parental co-operation and assistance through the Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

There are separate associations for the pre-primary, primary and secondary sections, which are elected annually according to State Education Department stipulations.

PTA members assist the School in:

  • Reviewing the school's progress through Parent Orientation Programmes (POPs)
  • Effectively communicating between the School and parents
  • Supporting various activities by the School like organizing social events for the students

As a result, the School functions in a friendly, secular environment that supports and encourages an on-going partnership between the School and parents.


The Admission policy of the School is transparent, merit-based and non-discriminatory.

Application Process

Admission for your child into the Little Star High School is a four-step process.

Forms for new admissions at entry level will be available at the School office on a pre-announced date. Admissions to other classes are based on vacancies.

Step 1

Admission forms can be obtained from the administrative office of the school.

Step 2

Submit the duly filled forms to the administrative office on or before the due date.

Step 3

All timely submitted forms will be considered for admission, and the final list will be displayed on the school's notice board on a pre-appointed day which will be communicated to the parents.

Step 4

Fees will have to be paid within the stipulated time to confirm the admission.

Age Criteria for Nursery

The child should have completed 3 years of age on 31st July.

For more information, please contact us:

Little Star High School, Adilabad
1-2-98, Shanthinagar
Adilabad 504 001
Phone: (+91-8732) 227301, 226277
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Shooting Ball

National Shooting Ball competition 2016 was conducted by School Games Federation (SGF) in Nagpur: Nidhi and Muskan of Class 8 and Sanjana of Class 9 were selected to represent the School.

Drawing Competition

Sreeja of Class 8 bagged first prize in January 2016 for the Drawing Competition conducted by Telangana State Road Transport Co-operation.

Essay Writing and Elocution

Essay Writing and Elocution conducted by District Medical and Health Office: Dheeraj of Class 10 bagged the first prize in Elocution and Shravya of Class 10 bagged first prize in Essay Writing, Richa R. of Class 10 got second prize in Essay writing in July 2016.

Insurance Week celebrations

Insurance Week celebrations (inter-school competitions) conducted by LIC of India in September 2016.

The winners in different competitions are:


Richa R.
Essay Writing

Essay Writing




Essay Writing

Speedball Competition

Richa R., Praneeth Singh and Shaineen Royal of Class 10, Lasya of Class 5 & Adarsh A. of Class 7 were selected for National level Speedball Competition in August 2016.

Shooting Ball Competition

Tapasvi of Class 10 has been selected for National level shooting ball competition in September 2016.

Hockey Competitions

Nishath of Class 8 has been selected for state level Hockey competitions in September 2016.


A team from Little Star High School, Adilabad will represent a science project called ‘Sonar Device for the Visually Challenged' at the National Children Science Congress Meet to be held this month. This team has been selected from 85 teams representing various schools from Telangana State.

Names of the students: Junaid Malik, Godivnd Solanki, M. Manula, Prashanth, Srirang from 10th Class.


The School remains accessible to former students and encourages them to participate in school activities.

Alumni are encouraged to contact the school. For more information please contact:

Mr. Prabhakar (Alumni Co-ordinator)
Tel: (+91 8732) 227301

The Alumni Coordinators can be contacted in person between 0900-1500 hrs on any working day.