The Aga Khan Schools in Kenya

AKNS, Mombasa hosted at KRC Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre for Culture and Creativity Day

21 December 2023

Recently, students at the Aga Khan Nursery School (AKNS), Mombasa, in partnership with the Kenya Red Cross (KRC), received an opportunity to display their artwork at the KRC Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre in Mombasa county.

AKNS, Mombasa hosted at KRC Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre for Culture and Creativity Day
The art display aimed to create awareness of environmental and climate change challenges the country and the world are currently experiencing. The event gave the school a chance to display student creativity supported by their teachers, peers and the attendance of German embassy officials who were impressed by the student’s work.  

“We are impressed by the idea of bringing children’s visions to life and being able to use recycled waste to make art pieces,” said His Excellency Mr Sebastian Groth, Ambassador of Germany to Kenya. “The children’s creativity is a show of how the school is on the frontline to sensitise the children on environmental issues.” 

To prepare for the event, each year group chose from a set of themes connected to the environment or the dire effects of climate change to display their art. Playgroup chose “At the Market”, Kindergarten 1 selected “At the Sea”, Kindergarten 2 chose “The Magic Jungle” and Kindergarten 3 picked “Stop Pollution, Save the Earth”. The students’ works were executed through painting, drawing, colouring and the development of mosaic and collage pieces. Additionally, the Aga Khan Hospital in Mombasa donated recycled paper and plastics in a separate activity at the school to help the students develop the art pieces. 

Participation in this event was a result of a working relationship between the school and KRC.  

"I liked my painting on factories emitting smoke and people coughing and falling sick due to the bad fumes,” said Kindergarten 3 student Eden Baraka. “We should take care of the environment so that we can be healthy and strong.” 

Photos (top to bottom):
  • Teachers and embassy officials looking at student's work.
  • Teachers and embassy officials talking about student's work.