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10 May 2024
Students learn about the world of honeybees at the Aga Khan School, Osh
Grade 1 and 2 students at the Aga Khan School, Osh have been participating in several fun activities to learn about the importance of honeybees.
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06 May 2024
Aga Khan School, Osh hosts first online “Brain Ring” competition
On 29 April 2024, the Aga Khan School (AKS), Osh hosted its first online quiz competition, “Brain Ring”, with students from the school and various schools in Almaty, Kazakhstan taking part. This competition allowed all students to demonstrate their knowledge in various subjects by working as a team.
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17 April 2024
Aga Khan School, Osh alumna receives prestigious presidential award for outstanding study at university
Kyzzhibek Zhanibekova, Class of 2019, received the Presidential Award for Academic Excellence for her outstanding academic work at the University of Central Asia Naryn Campus. The award was presented to her by the Kyrgyz Republic’s president, in addition to a 60,000 Kyrgyz som cash award.
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27 March 2024
Aga Khan School, Osh celebrates Day of People’s Friendship and Nowruz
To honour its diverse community, the Aga Khan School (AKS), Osh celebrated its annual Day of People’s Friendship and Nowruz on 20 March.
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22 December 2023
Aga Khan School, Osh welcomes its first primary grade students
The Aga Khan School (AKS), Osh welcomed Grade 1 and Grade 2 students for the first time this academic year.
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30 November 2023
Aga Khan School, Osh collaborate with Osh State University for professional development
Throughout 2023, 30 teachers at the Aga Khan School (AKS), Osh participated in five professional development training sessions in collaboration with the “Critical Thinking Laboratory” of Osh State University.
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13 October 2023
Aga Khan School, Osh celebrates 20 years of academic excellence
Established in 2002, the school was inaugurated by His Highness the Aga Khan, the founder and chairman of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN), and Naken Kasiev, the then-governor of Osh City. It was the city’s first private school, enrolling just 98 students in the beginning. Now, 20 years later, the school has grown to include nearly 500 students, providing each student with quality learning experiences.
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29 September 2023
Aga Khan School, Osh undergoes significant renovations
The Aga Khan School, Osh has undergone significant renovations to provide modern facilities and classrooms for its students and staff.
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15 May 2023
Teacher appreciation at the Aga Khan School, Osh
Seven teachers from the Aga Khan School (AKS), Osh were selected for a two-day trip to the city of Tashkent, Uzbekistan to appreciate their hard work and dedication at the school.
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12 May 2023
Day of People’s Friendship celebrated at the Aga Khan School, Osh
The value of pluralism, which recognises and appreciates the diversity of a community to promote a peaceful coexistence of all, is an essential value of the Aga Khan School (AKS), Osh. The school community brings together various traditions, customs and cultures, and consists of more than five nationalities. To honour and appreciate its diverse school community, AKS, Osh organised a Day of People’s Friendship on 13 April.
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03 April 2023
Using LEGO bricks to combat pollution
Tackling pollution is a major goal for many students at the Aga Khan School (AKS), Osh, especially for the Grade 5 students in the school’s LEGO Robotics Club.
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22 February 2023
Aga Khan School, Osh hosts first-ever STEAM Festival
On 21 February, the Aga Khan School (AKS), Osh hosted its first-ever STEAM Festival, making it also the first school in the city to host such a festival.
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19 December 2022
Aga Khan School, Osh student reflects on FLEX programme in the US
Aizirek Abdikaimova, a Grade 11 student from the Aga Khan School (AKS), Osh, is currently studying in Texas through the Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) Programme, which is a competitive, merit-based, year-long scholarship programme to study in the United States.
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14 December 2022
Aga Khan School, Osh students engage in learning through gaming
Grade 5 students at the Aga Khan School (AKS), Osh recently took part in a gaming exercise for their English class on 24 November.
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27 October 2022
Aga Khan School, Osh offers internship programme for new teachers
The Aga Khan School, Osh Internship Programme for Young Professionals is a programme the Aga Khan School (AKS), Osh is offering for those interested in becoming teachers to learn basic pedagogical concepts, provisions and the foundations of teaching.
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13 October 2022
Aga Khan School, Osh teacher attends STEAM festival in Kazakhstan
On 10 September 2022, School Director at the Aga Khan School, Osh Natalya Anatolievna Deryabkina attended the PRO.NRG FEST in Astana, Kazakhstan.
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10 May 2022
Aga Khan School, Osh student establishes waste management system for school community
Abdikadirov Azim, a Grade 11 student at the Aga Khan School (AKS), Osh, raised funds to set up a waste management system at the school.
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27 January 2022
STEM focused schooling: Teachers at the Aga Khan School in Osh connect classroom learning with real-life application
A group of 28 teachers at the Aga Khan School (AKS), Osh, undertook a 12-day training in August 2021 on STEM education to enhance the school’s offering of these subjects, as well as multidisciplinary learning and in turn support students’ development of 21st-century skills.
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21 July 2021
Science has no boundaries: Students at Aga Khan School, Osh, partake in online international chemistry class
As part of the Aga Khan Education Service’s strategic initiative to enhance the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) offering at the Aga Khan School, Osh (AKSO) in Kyrgyzstan, the team is working with several international subject experts. Under this initiative, Dr. Sadru Damji, a volunteer based in Toronto, Canada led an interactive and exciting online chemistry class in May 2021 for a group of grade 11 students.
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28 June 2021
20 years of cooperation between the Kyrgyz Republic and AKDN – Developing future leaders
This year AKDN commemorates the 20th anniversary of bilateral relations with the Kyrgyz Republic.
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26 April 2021
The Aga Khan School, Osh, contributes to the State Government’s “Green City” initiative
As a result of a more stable epidemiological situation in Kyrgyzstan, earlier this year the Mayor of Osh city announced a tree planting initiative for greening the city through tree planting. The “Green City” initiative was held on 20 March 2021. Staff, students and parents of the Aga Khan School, Osh, contributed by planting 100 oak trees in the Ak Tilek area, a newly developed part of the city with little existing greenery.
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16 February 2021
Learning together: Blended learning at the Aga Khan School, Osh
Since reopening its doors on 07 December 2020, the Aga Khan School, Osh (AKS, Osh) has adopted a blended learning approach to better accommodate its students.
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03 December 2020
Aga Khan School students in Kyrgyzstan raise awareness on COVID-19 through short videos
Joining the global population in tackling the spread of COVID-19, over 20 videos have been made by students from the Aga Khan School in Osh city, Kyrgyzstan
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06 August 2020
The Aga Khan School, Osh Newsletter - Spring 2020.
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18 May 2020
Teaching amid the COVID-19 pandemic
2020 has brought drastic changes to the education system not only in Kyrgyzstan, but in schools all over the world
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28 April 2020
Empowering Educators - Teachers in Central Asia and the United Kingdom Collaborate
The Aga Khan Education Services (AKES) in Central Asia has partnered with the Aga Khan Education Board (AKEB) in the United Kingdom to develop a teacher collaboration programme which aims to enhance and enrich the pedagogical skills of AKES teachers
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27 March 2020
Kyrgyz Folklore and History and Crafts come together
Gulayim Kozueva, a Kyrgyz language teacher at the Aga Khan School, Osh (AKSO), enjoys sharing her passion for Kyrgyz history and folklore with students during her after-school crafts club.
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27 February 2020
Business Fair provides opportunities for young entrepreneurs in Osh
The Business Fair hosted by the Aga Khan School, Osh in the Kyrgyz Republic, offers the opportunity for a range of its young entrepreneurs, aged 11-16 years, to showcase and sell their hand-made products within the school and to invited parents.
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18 November 2019
Fall 2019 Newsletter
Aga Khan School, Osh Fall 2019 Newsletter
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29 October 2019
Following the dream
German language proficiency DSD (Deutsches Sprachdiplom) diplomas of levels A1, A2 and B1, B2 have been awarded to 11 Aga Khan School students of grades 7-11 in October this year.
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24 October 2019
My impressions about the games of the nomads
“I think the cultural and traditional values of the Kyrgyz people need to be preserved and passed on from generation to generation,” expressed Sezim Osmonova, a 7B grade student from the Aga Khan school in Osh.
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20 October 2019
Non-stop Professional Development of English teachers
As part of the ongoing curriculum development programme, the Aga Khan School, Osh, has implemented a long-term professional development programme for academic staff, specifically for the English language teachers.
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01 October 2019
Alumni Spotlights
“My dream was to study nanotechnology,” said Aydana Tazhmamatova. “I want to become a leading engineer and to bring knowledge from around the world to improve our economy and our research in the Kyrgyz Republic.”
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01 October 2019
AKSO Learning Resource Center (LRC): Suitable environment for intellectual grow
“LRC operates to ensure the suitable environment that allows learner benefit from any kind of learning resources”-underlined Rahimova Ludmila the Head of the AKS LRC.
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29 May 2019
Mathematics Teacher’s advances in Learning Support Programme
Mrs. Japarkulova Gulmira Japarkulovna, a mathematics teacher from the school Karybek uulu Akmataaly, At-Bashy region, has been a participant in the Aga Khan Education Service (AKES), Kyrgyz Republic’s Learning Support Programme (LSP) since 2014.
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10 November 2017
SPOTLIGHT: Aga Khan Student selected for The Future Leaders Exchange program, USA
Islam Kyzy Kurmanzhan, a Grade 11 student from the Aga Khan School (AKS), Osh, Kyrgyz Republic has been accepted to The Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) program in the USA for the 2017-2018 academic year.
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24 July 2017
Aga Khan School Osh celebrates The Last Bell
Graduation is an exciting and inevitable part of life as it plays marks crucial milestone in the lives of students.
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14 June 2017
Video: Aga Khan Education Service in Kyrgyz Republic
The Aga Khan School, Osh, Kyrgyz Republic offers a variety of school programming, including language exposure in English, Russian, Kyrgyz, and German, an expansive e-library, and an after-school coding programme where student empowerment, 21st century skills and social responsibility come together.
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08 June 2017
FEATURE: Students learn through Coding in Central Asia
A school can be a dynamic place of learning where, in addition to learning a formal curriculum during set hours, students can build real world skills that can advance their potential for long term success.
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02 June 2017
The Aga Khan School, Osh students’ meeting with veteran of World War II
Every year our country celebrates Victory Day on May 9. On this day, TV networks broadcast World War II-inspired films, younger generations honor veterans, and the festivities culminate in a military parade at City main - squares.
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07 April 2017
German Language Diploma Examinations held at Aga Khan School, Osh
Every March, students of the German Department at Aga Khan School (AKS) are excited and nervous to sit the Deutsches Sprachdiplom der Kultusministerkonferenz (DSD) examinations for the German Language Certification.
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