The Aga Khan School, Osh

Aga Khan School, Osh collaborate with Osh State University for professional development

30 November 2023

Throughout 2023, 30 teachers at the Aga Khan School (AKS), Osh participated in five professional development training sessions in collaboration with the “Critical Thinking Laboratory” of Osh State University.

Aga Khan School, Osh collaborate with Osh State University for professional development
The sessions focused on several topics such as “ICT application in the classroom”, “Using interactive teaching methods in the classroom”, “Using science technology engineering mathematics (STEM) approaches in the classroom”, and “Debate as a teaching tool”. The teachers examined problems through discussion and debates while working in groups, all the while forming opinions on techniques. Through this training, the teachers not only enhanced their knowledge on the different topics they explored, but they also learnt various methods of effective teaching, including how to create an engaging classroom presence, exchange best practices, communication and collaboration, and listening skills required for day-to-day activities in the classroom. 

“Professional development training is an implicit factor in the growth of every teacher,” expressed AKS, Osh Director Natalya Deryabkina. “Through these trainings, we are opening new horizons of opportunity and creating a platform for new initiatives, enabling an effective transfer of the new knowledge and skills acquired during the training into school life.” 

The professional development of teachers is a vital part of the school. Modern approaches and strategies help teachers learn more about students’ critical thinking, employing creative and engaging techniques for student-centred learning.  

The Aga Khan School, Osh and the Aga Khan Schools network are dedicated to providing support for students’ academic attainment. Thus, teachers are trained and given relevant opportunities to improve their skills, applying new approaches to teaching and learning.

Photos (top to bottom):
  • Teachers working together in a professional development session
  • Teacher participating in an exercise part of the professional development session