The Aga Khan School, Osh

Aga Khan School, Osh hosts first online “Brain Ring” competition

06 May 2024

On 29 April 2024, the Aga Khan School (AKS), Osh hosted its first online quiz competition, “Brain Ring”, with students from the school and various schools in Almaty, Kazakhstan taking part. This competition allowed all students to demonstrate their knowledge in various subjects by working as a team.

Aga Khan School, Osh hosts first online “Brain Ring” competition Aga Khan School, Osh hosts first online “Brain Ring” competition
The two-hour competition consisted of five teams of students who were tested on different topics in science, mathematics, literature, history and much more. They also participated in question-and-answer sessions on the topic of ecology. The competition enabled students not only to display their understanding of the topics but to also demonstrate their logical thinking, ability to draw on what they learnt in class and teamwork skills.  

“This format of competition increases children’s cognitive interest and productivity in educational activities and ensures [teamwork], giving the students a space for their abilities to be revealed,” said Zaitova A., a fourth-year student-intern at one of the schools in Almaty. 

The event concluded with a celebration of the winning teams and recognition of participation, with AKS, Osh receiving a special acknowledgement for their generous hosting and their student’s well-rounded knowledge. AKS, Osh students then congratulated all the winners and participants, as well as the teachers for their continuous guidance in making this event possible. 

“This competition became an excellent opportunity for students from Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan to connect and become familiar with each other, exchange experiences and knowledge, and learn new things,” expressed Abdurasulova Zilola, a parent of a Grade 6 student from AKS, Osh. “I really liked it; it was quite exciting. I wish all good luck and hope for more interesting competitions. We hope that this event will become a tradition between different schools!” 

English teacher Zhoroeva Aida highlighted the excitement of this experience for both students and teachers. 

“This was a very interesting and useful competition for students, enabling them to expand their knowledge in all areas of study,” she said. “It was also a new experience for me, and it was really engaging and, most importantly, quite informative.” 

Photos (top to bottom): 
  • One of the groups at AKS, Osh participating in the competition. 
  • A group from one of the schools in Almaty connected with AKS, Osh through a video call. 
  • Another group at AKS, Osh discussing answers.